Emily Christie

Emily works in publishing and is a lover of existential horror, vintage prairie dresses and buying ice cream at the theatre.
46 articles

Don Juan

Witty, darkly comedic writing that is expertly performed

23 October 2021

The Metamorphosis

Overwrought dialogue holds back brilliant performances and inspired staging in this unnerving Kafka adaptation

14 March 2020


Rona Munro's adaptation of Mary Shelley's classic tale packs a powerful and terrifying punch

22 October 2019

Rose McGowan: Planet 9

A queasy mix of spoken word, singing and conversation that is tone deaf in every sense of the word

18 August 2019


A mesmerising retelling of Sophocles' tragedy, overflowing with sublime performances

15 August 2019

Father of Lies

Fascinating and immersive true crime exploration

12 August 2019

Happy Hour

A confronting, jarring and excellent piece of theatre, staggeringly well performed

10 August 2019