Emma Lawson

Emma grew up on Orkney and didn’t attend a proper gig until she was 18 - she’s been trying to make up for it since. A literature postgrad, she’s worked in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Berlin, but somehow always manages to be hanging around for Fringe.
31 articles

Desperation Bingo

A carefully constructed show turns urgent and upsetting

23 August 2017


Sensitive and self-aware portrait of a queer interracial relationship

23 August 2017

Bilal Zafar

Comedian Bilal Zafar chats to Emma Lawson about his sophomore show

13 August 2017


Produced by appropriately-named FERAL, this is a captivating production about wildness and need

9 August 2016

Bilal Zafar: Cakes

This highlight of the Free Fringe mixes the topics of Islamophobia, Twitter and baking.

8 August 2016