Emma Lawson

Emma grew up on Orkney and didn’t attend a proper gig until she was 18 - she’s been trying to make up for it since. A literature postgrad, she’s worked in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Berlin, but somehow always manages to be hanging around for Fringe.
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The Tiger Who Came to Tea

[rating:3/5] An entertaining choice for children, even if Kerr's magically surreal atmosphere doesn't translate to the stage.

26 August 2015

The Worry Monster

[Rating:4/5] A creative and charming look at mental illness and the power of the imagination.

19 August 2015

Figments and Dust

[Rating:3/5] Sheep Theatre present a well-executed hour of oral storytelling.

15 August 2015

Shit Girlfriend

[Rating:3/5] Laura Kidd's show is an gentle blend of amusing anecdotes and beautifully crafted songs.

15 August 2015

Jessie Cave: I Loved Her

[Rating:4/5] The first half of Cave's show is brilliantly chaotic - hopefully the second half will be the same.

13 August 2015

Dead Man's Cell Phone

[Rating:3/5] A deeply strange play has a sense of unpredictability that makes it both disjointed and compelling.

11 August 2015