Flora Gosling

Flora Gosling is an English and Theatre student living in Glasgow. She has been writing reviews for over two years as part of creative criticism programmes and on her blog. When she is not attending or writing about theatre Flora enjoys reading, baking, and cross stitch.
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What's In A Name?

Entertainingly provocative comedy held back by underdeveloped characters

5 October 2019

Peter Gynt

A vanity project saved by the stellar performance at its heart

11 August 2019

NTS: Them!

Existential ant-ics about identity and change leave us with more questions than answers.

2 July 2019


Apphia Campbell questions how much has truly changed in 45 years

18 May 2019


An unusual slice of British history set in an English boozer.

26 April 2019

The Full Monty

Steel, strip-teases and soap stars make for a solid, sexy revival.

25 April 2019

The Lost Things

An inspiring imaginary world populated by forgettable figures.

19 April 2019

Rain Man

A copycat adaptation that cannot escape the classic original's shadow.

26 March 2019