Flora Gosling

Flora Gosling is an English and Theatre student living in Glasgow. She has been writing reviews for over two years as part of creative criticism programmes and on her blog. When she is not attending or writing about theatre Flora enjoys reading, baking, and cross stitch.
43 articles

Miss Julie

Sex, scandal and strikes stir up Zinnie Harris's adaptation of a classic.

3 March 2019

Trial by Laughter

A love-letter to 19th-century satire that struggles to translate to stage.

13 February 2019

Rock of Ages

If you haven’t stopped believin’, this is the show for you.

26 January 2019


A baffling yet intriguing solo piece on migration and belonging.

18 November 2018


Pleasantly baffling but unrewarding tribute to two famous Dollys.

31 October 2018

Bare Knuckle

Jake Boston’s brutal yet bouncy solo performance pays respect to his hero.

29 August 2018