Flora Gosling

Flora Gosling is an English and Theatre student living in Glasgow. She has been writing reviews for over two years as part of creative criticism programmes and on her blog. When she is not attending or writing about theatre Flora enjoys reading, baking, and cross stitch.
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A Librarian

An enjoyable, if predictable, thriller with a strong performance at its heart.

26 August 2018

Chase Scenes

Ming Hon cuts to the chase with this multimedia collection of shorts.

26 August 2018

An Act Of

Unusual comedy with intriguing but entirely unexplained premise.

26 August 2018

Like Drowning

Theatre Paradok are talented, but their show will test your patience.

23 August 2018

All That Remains

Disjointed verbatim theatre on the experience of grief caused by war

22 August 2018

A Hero of Our Time

Oliver Bennett and Vladimir Shcherban breathe new life into a forgotten classic

21 August 2018

Sod's Law

Well-performed but derivative cabaret on the history of gay legislation and icons

21 August 2018


Documentary drama gives an insightful look behind the screen of internet fame.

21 August 2018