Graeme Strachan

Graeme Strachan is a writer based in Edinburgh. He has been a critic and reviewer for over 15 years, covering film, theatre, video-games and restaurants. He also likes to dabble in film and television production during the day.
123 articles

Dune: Part Two

A staggering spectacle of space, sand and slaughter

22 March 2024

The New Boy

Australian dreamlike drama fails to contend with the topics it sets itself

22 March 2024


The most disappointing Spaceman since Babylon Zoo

18 March 2024


A girl vs. dragon action fantasy that outstays its welcome almost immediately

13 March 2024


A well intentioned but messy evocation of the writing process

13 March 2024

Madame Web

A catastrophic mess of a movie

28 February 2024

Deliver Us

A well shot, but extremely confused anti-antichrist romp

22 February 2024

American Fiction

A scathingly funny swipe at lazy modern storytelling

17 February 2024


Enzo Ferrari; The Man, the Machine and The Mundanity

25 January 2024