Graeme Strachan

Graeme Strachan is a writer, editor, and journalist based in Edinburgh. He has been a critic and reviewer for over 15 years in areas including theatre, video games and restaurant critique; and likes to dabbles in film and television production. He lives in hope for the day where he finds a more profitable use for his Classical Studies degree than obscure questions in a pub quiz.
95 articles

The Northman

Like a campfire tale of bloody glory told snobbishly over cocktails and canapés

9 May 2022

Swan Song

Soulful and beautiful, if slightly derivative, contemplation on the brevity of life

4 February 2022


Watching this film is a more horrible experience than the nightmarish fates the characters experience

28 September 2021


Assassin action drama a derivative waste of good talent

28 September 2021


Indie horror starts well but unfortunately drifts into mediocrity

27 September 2021

Chernobyl 1986

Entertaining, if ridiculous, tribute to the true heroes of the Chernobyl disaster

23 September 2021

Prince of Muck

A sombre reflection on the passage of time, wearing down all things

28 August 2021

The Road Dance

This cold and harrowing story is almost as dreich as the Hebrides it is set in

28 August 2021