Graeme Strachan

Graeme Strachan is a writer, editor, and journalist based in Edinburgh. He has been a critic and reviewer for over 15 years in areas including theatre, video games and restaurant critique; and likes to dabbles in film and television production. He lives in hope for the day where he finds a more profitable use for his Classical Studies degree than obscure questions in a pub quiz.
100 articles

Empire of Light

Beautiful and heartfelt, if disparate, ode to cinema

5 January 2023

The Stranger

A dark and sinister walk alongside evil itself

12 November 2022

Old People

Tired, confused, and geriatric horror

24 October 2022

The Woman King

A grand sweeping epic trimmed down to the CliffsNotes

24 October 2022

The Northman

Like a campfire tale of bloody glory told snobbishly over cocktails and canapés

9 May 2022

Swan Song

Soulful and beautiful, if slightly derivative, contemplation on the brevity of life

4 February 2022


Watching this film is a more horrible experience than the nightmarish fates the characters experience

28 September 2021