Graeme Strachan

Graeme Strachan is a writer based in Edinburgh. He has been a critic and reviewer for over 15 years, covering film, theatre, video-games and restaurants. He also likes to dabble in film and television production during the day.
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Sound of Freedom

A well made but simplistically written thriller, not worth all the hyperbole

7 September 2023


Beneath the glitz and glamour is a pit as shallow and lifeless as the people it portrays

12 February 2023


A frustrating and messy horror that wastes a decent premise and delightful practical effects

7 February 2023


A timeless insight into the plurality of truth

7 February 2023


A thunderous performance from Blanchett in a languid pseudo-biopic

7 February 2023

Empire of Light

Beautiful and heartfelt, if disparate, ode to cinema

5 January 2023

The Stranger

A dark and sinister walk alongside evil itself

12 November 2022