James Hanton

James is a contributor to The Wee Review, Outtake Mag and Starburst Magazine UK. He is also the former Editor-in-Chief of The Student, the oldest student newspaper in the UK, and the Lead Film Editor at The Indiependent. James graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 2019, and is currently studying towards a Masters Degree in Film Studies. He can be contacted at: jhantonwriter@gmail.com
139 articles

Hot Clown Sex

A funny and inventive clowning escapade that if anything could be even more daring in its antics.

16 August 2022

Adults Only Magic Show

A funny, rude, and sensational magic show for those seeking a rowdy night of fun

16 August 2022

Mr Moon

An odd but entertaining musical experience that encourages the audience to embrace something new

15 August 2022

Laura Davis: If This Is It

A powerful, relevant and sensationally funny show from a comedian who knows exactly what they need to do

15 August 2022

Blodlina: The Viking Musical

A viking musical with power, energy and real talent, marking what could be the start of an amazing theatrical journey in years ahead

15 August 2022

Best of Cabaret

Lacks the drama and atmosphere of its bigger cabaret siblings, but Best of Cabaret has fun, thrills and passion

14 August 2022


Strange, wonderful and informative comedy set from a comedian with naturalistic, energetic presence.

13 August 2022


A moving and educational display of dancing prowess that loosens the male grip on history in sensational fashion

11 August 2022