James Hanton

James is a contributor to The Wee Review, Outtake Mag and Starburst Magazine UK. He is also the former Editor-in-Chief of The Student, the oldest student newspaper in the UK, and the Lead Film Editor at The Indiependent. James graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 2019, and is currently studying towards a Masters Degree in Film Studies. He can be contacted at: jhantonwriter@gmail.com
163 articles

Ruth Hunter: The Ruth is on Fire

An acquired but potentially addictive taste, Ruth Hunter's brand of absurdism is a unique comedy experience that compels a willing audience

18 August 2023

Tree Woman Tales

Holly Penfield's show is a fine demonstration of her talents and an invitation to share in her seasoned perspective

14 August 2023

Bag Lady

A funny and moving journey of adolescence told with puppetry and comedy

14 August 2023

Sigmund the Viking: Valhalla Calling

Not the barrel of laughs that it could be, but Sigmund the Viking's performance has its moments and for the right crowd can prove to be a riot.

12 August 2023


A funny, strange, and heartwarming hour of clowning that rewrites history in the name of the troll

12 August 2023

Leila Navabi: Composition

A masterful, emotional, and awesomely funny punk cabaret from the incredible Welsh comedian

12 August 2023

Dizney in Drag: Once Upon a Parody

Disney as you will not have likely seen it before in a brilliantly-performed re-imagination of stale stories and characters for the modern age

10 August 2023

Bowjangles: Dracula in Space

Bowjangles' latest show is an absolute riot from start to finish, with the quartet's musical and comedic prowess on full display

10 August 2023