Jenni Gould

Jenni is a film-maker, producer, writer, musical theatre enthusiast and general nerd.
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His Dark Materials

These fantastic Phillip Pullman stories are bought to the Festival's stage by a melange of puppetry and visual stimulation in two parts.

23 May 2009

Lost In Audio

Jenni Gould went off to chat to lead singer/guitarist Joe and drummer/backing singer Ewan about the Edinburgh music scene, Iceland and their thoughts on getting ahead in the music industry...

12 May 2009

West Side Story comes to Edinburgh

Before you go and sing along about America, Jenni Gould gives us some more serious things to think politics and stuff...

25 April 2009

Breakin' Convention

In case you haven't heard the youth of Scotland break dancing their way to the Festival Theatre, Jenni Gould lays down the beats and ponders the power of hip hop...

6 April 2009