Johnnie Ingram

Fringe Sub-Editor
Johnnie Ingram is a geek by both profession and personality, who likes live comedy a bit too much and Doctor Who exactly the right amount. He has a Bacon Number of 3, and once had a short conversation with Daniel Kitson. He isn't nearly as English as his accent implies.
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Julia Masli: CHOOSH!

Ingenious clowning that spans everything from slapstick to heartfelt, and from childish silliness to the crudest of adult humour

15 August 2022

Pete Heat: Blimey

Like all the best magicians, Heat knows that we know he's lying to us, and delights in dancing on right on the edge of that delicate line.

10 August 2022

Abigail Rolling: Shit Lawyer

Rolling wears her political and social heart on her sleeve from the outset, and her audience tonight is on her side

8 August 2022

Lily Phillips: Smut

She brings a ferocity to her most-involved routines which almost dares us to be offended

8 August 2022


Mills is a good writer, and despite a few stumbles the quality of her material is plain to see

6 August 2022