Jonny Sweet

After four years in the wanderlust wilderness, Jonny Sweet is back to the homeland to gorge himself on musical and cinematic catnip and scribble furiously in dimly lit rooms.
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The Blazing World

Nightmarish vision of what overcoming personal grief looks like

3 February 2021


Imaginative but unsatisfying parable about recovering from trauma

3 February 2021

El Planeta

Quirky black comedy carries barbed undercurrent of social commentary

2 February 2021

A Glitch in the Matrix

Philosphical documentary posits interesting ideas about the nature of reality

2 February 2021


Screenlife adaptation supplements Shakespeare with txt spk

2 February 2021

Prime Time

Hyperintense thriller from Poland gets blood pumping

2 February 2021


Harrowing documentary exposes plight of Kurdish Yazidi women

2 February 2021


Blistering central performance drives mental health thriller

2 February 2021

Strawberry Mansion

Gorgeous, imaginative and playful deep dive into the realm of dreams

1 February 2021