Jonny Sweet

After four years in the wanderlust wilderness, Jonny Sweet is back to the homeland to gorge himself on musical and cinematic catnip and scribble furiously in dimly lit rooms.
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Sensitive story of the plight of a struggling Maltese fisherman

31 January 2021

The Pink Cloud

Intriguing thought experiment film bears uncanny resemblance to real-life events

31 January 2021

Human Factors

Carefully crafted portrait of a disintegrating family

31 January 2021

In the Same Breath

Alarming documentary exposes the lethal consequences of state censorship during COVID-19

29 January 2021


An intriguing but disorganised dive into a history that's both familial and national

25 January 2021

Yo La Busco

Promising debut puts spotlight on love and loneliness in Barcelona

22 November 2020

My Mexican Bretzel

Fascinating delve into the difference between truth and fiction via found footage genre

22 November 2020

Into Dad's Woods

Interesting but unsatisfying insight into the mental illness of a loved one

21 November 2020