Katrina Conaglen

14 articles


One teen's deep love of the drum kit, with a bravura performance anchoring a moving story

27 August 2019

The Half

Macabre tale of squabbling showbiz duo with sinister undertones

26 August 2018

Don Juan

High-octane, deliciously funny take on the Don Juan myth from cracking kiwi comedy troupe.

21 August 2018

Everything Not Saved

Dublin's Malaprop Theatre explore the limitations of memory in intellectually teasing production

21 August 2018


Funny, touching tale of two animal enthusiasts forming an unlikely kinship. With flamingos. And bats.

21 August 2018

Extinguished Things

A poignant, almost dreamy look at the minutiae of one couple's life.

21 August 2018

Lost In Thought

Perceptive, witty exploration of obsessive compulsive disorder and mother-daughter love.

20 August 2018