Kevin Ibbotson-Wight

Films & Comedy Editor
Borders-born Edinburgh based worker/ writer/ runner/ sleeper. A good book, a good film, or a good show and I'm a very happy chap.
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Butterfly Tale

Cheap and cheerless CGI cartoon for the least discerning of young children

19 April 2024

Swede Caroline

Lovably eccentric mockumentary delves into the shady world competitive veg growing

16 April 2024

Beyond the Raging Sea

Pure hubris at work in this well-intentioned but infuriating doc as two landlubbers try to row the Atlantic

14 April 2024

The Stolen Valley

Modern western with a fine message but a bungled execution

13 April 2024

On Fire

Low-budget eco-thriller lacks the necessary tension and excitement

12 April 2024

Bleeding Love

Road movie with stunt casting that gets under its own wheels

8 April 2024

Civil War

Immaculately staged and harrowingly immersive action masks a certain moral hollowness in this alternate-reality dystopia

5 April 2024

Monkey Man

Dev Patel's Mumbai martial arts mayhem is a superbly frenetic and ferocious action debut

4 April 2024