Kevin Ibbotson-Wight

Films & Comedy Editor
Borders-born Edinburgh based worker/ writer/ runner/ sleeper. A good book, a good film, or a good show and I'm a very happy chap.
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Flux Gourmet

A deeply silly and weird foray into sensual excess

17 August 2022

Mediterranean Fever

Largely impressively controlled, deadpan buddy comic of class and depression

16 August 2022


Story of an extraordinary woman falls victim to standard biopic tropes

16 August 2022


Astonishing lyrical meditation on memory and family and a special debut film

16 August 2022

Patti Harrison

Disjointed approach slightly sours one of those, 'I was there' events

13 August 2022

Grubby Little Mitts

Incredibly assured debut sketch hour finds the darkness in domesticity

12 August 2022


Incisive two-hander is minimalist in approach yet complex in execution

12 August 2022