Max Scratchmann

Max Scratchmann is a well-known British writer and illustrator. His poems and short stories have appeared in many anthologies and magazines, and he runs the Edinburgh performance poetry company, Poetry Circus.
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Admiring La Stupenda

A theatrical tour de force which redefines the possibilities for one-man-shows for all Fringes to come

9 August 2019

Havana After Dark

Sloppy production values make a disappointing dance show

9 August 2019

xoxo moongirl

Stunning and explosive mixture of spoken word storytelling and circus skills, physical theatre, illusion and magic

7 August 2019


Despite some startling images and set pieces there is no discernible narrative, either actual or abstract

6 August 2019

Ian McEwan

Machines Like Me

Set in a fictional eighties’ London, McEwan's often torturous tale winds its tedious way around the moral dilemmas surrounding artificial intelligence.

31 May 2019