Michael Gregson

Inverness-based Teacher and Writer; Parent; Runner; Squash player; Supporter, Charlton Athletic; PhD Waverley Novels & C19th History; former Councillor & Sports Coach #Gaelic
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The Lost King

An eccentrically gentle drama of curiously British obsession

23 October 2022

Wings of Desire

Remarkable cinematic experience gorgeously restored

25 July 2022

The Camera is Ours

Valuable restoration highlights skilled, and neglected, women directors

27 June 2022


Passionate documentary charts appalling corporate behaviour

13 June 2022

The Lost City

Joyful romp feels like a throwback to simpler times

14 May 2022

Though This Be Madness

Mental health struggles are well evoked in Skye Loneragan's bold, raw one-woman performance

24 April 2022