Michael Gregson

Inverness-based Teacher and Writer; Parent; Runner; Squash player; Supporter, Charlton Athletic; PhD Waverley Novels & C19th History; former Councillor & Sports Coach #Gaelic
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I Know Where I'm Going

Lesser-known Powell and Pressburger romantic comedy is among their very best

17 December 2023

Driving Madeleine

A beautiful journey through the streets of Paris and the past of one woman

13 December 2023

Woman Walking

Despite its source material, Woman Walking struggles to find the magic of Shepherd's mountains

17 October 2023

The Miracle Club

Warm and sentimental comedy drama rises high above its cliches

16 October 2023

The Sentence

The power of words under Nazi tyranny

9 August 2023


Surfeit of distractions in muddied waters

18 July 2023

The Lost King

An eccentrically gentle drama of curiously British obsession

23 October 2022