Scott Caldwell

I am a shady marketing type from Shawlands, in Glasgow's southside. Having moved from the new town hellscape of East Kilbride, I suddenly find myself eating too much sourdough bread, buying overpriced cheese and taking tote bags everywhere.
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Real Estate


Latest from Real Estate is as much about the joy of creating music together again as it is to any deeper meaning within its jangletastic sound

27 February 2024


Blu Wav

Jason Lytle and co. explore the expanses of on their sixth album

16 February 2024


Love Is The Call

The Britpop luminaries join the reunion bandwagon, but their seventh album is no empty cash grab

16 February 2024

J Mascis

What Do We Do Now

Fifth solo album from the Dinosaur Jr. frontman is potentially his best and most melodic to date

2 February 2024