Scott Murphy

Host of New Horror Express podcast. He is also a film fanatic (not just horror), metalhead, comedy nerd and wrestling fan and can frequently be found writing or chatting about all of them
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Gripping psychological horror full political and supernatural terror

25 August 2020

Dinner in America

Rehmeier's "anti-rom-com" is a punky, foul-mouthed delight.

22 August 2020

Special Actors

One Cut of the Dead director offers slight but eminently charming caper comedy follow-up

21 August 2020

Climate of the Hunter

Arthouse vampire drama offers eccentric, intoxicating, and baffling brew

17 August 2020

Crazy Samurai Musashi

Ambitiously conceived but flawed samurai actioner offers intermittent bloody delights

16 August 2020