Stephen Walker

Stephen lives in Buxton and has been in and around the town's own Fringe festival for fifteen years, currently as Chair. His main interest is theatre, but he has surprisingly catholic tastes for a man brought up an Ulster protestant.
30 articles

This Isn't Working

Sketch show superbly captures the absurdity of job hunting

12 August 2023

The Half Moon

Rewarding exploration of the ties that bind and the desire to escape

11 August 2023

The Last Flapper

Icon of the Jazz Age comes to life and tells her own story

9 August 2023

Until Death

A joyous show facing death with absurdity and fortitude

9 August 2023

Mister Shakespeare

Intriguing look at the working playwright squeezes in too much detail

9 August 2023


Covid-based drama lacks nuance

13 August 2022