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Freelance writer.. comedy lover and reviewer.. singer and improv comedy performer. Keen on all things immersive. Based in Edinburgh.
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The Dots

Slick and innovative feelgood comedy cabaret with intentional chaos and fantastic vocals

11 August 2019


Unique, innovative and utterly unnerving, but lacks some substance in the script

9 August 2019


Illogical, confusing script saved by nuanced naturalistic acting

9 August 2019

John Robins: Hot Shame

Crafted original storytelling explores the everyday anxieties and neuroticism of this millennial man

8 August 2019

Sometimes Always Never

Nighy never disappoints in a vehicle that's thought-provoking if not hugely exciting.

17 June 2019


A lone sailor encounters a sinking trawler, making her accept she's more alone than she thought.

29 April 2019

Stan & Ollie

Coogan and Reilly's relationship lacks chemistry till the final half hour, in an otherwise amusing and well acted piece.

14 January 2019


A well-rounded piece on sexuality and repression in the confines of an orthodox community.

6 January 2019

Beauty and the Beast

Stott and Stewart smash it yet again in this year's panto offering from the King's Theatre.

6 December 2018