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Freelance writer.. comedy lover and reviewer.. singer and improv comedy performer. Keen on all things immersive. Based in Edinburgh.
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Vulcan 7

Adrian Edmondson brings some laughs to what is otherwise a dull piece.

11 November 2018

The Lottery Ticket

Nebli Basani shines in this funny and enlightening piece exploring the realities of asylum and EU migration.

28 September 2018

Outside In

Hilarious modern Scottish farce makes for perfect lunchtime theatre

11 September 2018

Wizard World Gathering

Kevin Quantum's superb act is the highlight of Magic Fest 2018's launch weekend

13 May 2018

This House

James Graham's critically acclaimed drama-comedy comes to the Festival Theatre filled with political satire and contemporary parallels.

28 March 2018

Lady Bird

A warming story of teenage angst and discovery, beautifully told.

5 March 2018

The Post

Spielberg, Hanks and Streep unite in this important story of poisonous presidential lies.

25 February 2018

The Mercy

A doomed, depressing and often two-dimensional tale saved by Firth and the sea.

12 February 2018


A musical tale with rousing group numbers and a notably strong portrayal of Burns' wife.

26 January 2018