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Calum Macnab


Film fanatic - especially the horror genre. Loves an argument/debate, but before you start, just know one thing: his opinion is right, not yours.

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A slasher with not just blood and guts, but brains too


A cold, but loving folktale on the nature of family


Uninteresting and predictable addition to the sub-genre of single location thrillers

The Bloodhound

Stunning to look at, Patrick Picard’s debut feature is sadly more copy-cat than creepy


2021 Glasgow Film Festival opens with a gorgeous and playful look at a family aiming for the American Dream

Malcolm & Marie

Insufferable and petulant, Sam Levinson’s latest effort is stunning to watch, but ugly and monotonous to listen to


Benson and Moorhead’s biggest project to date is an interesting, but overstuffed addition to their filmography


Predictable horror does little to engage, entertain or even excite the audience


All things sci-fi come thick and fast at the expense of a cohesive story

Glasgow Film Theatre

Our Ladies

Small town girls are loose in the capital in this sharp but rambling Scottish comedy

Do the Right Thing

Spike Lee’s 1989 masterwork remains just as vibrant, powerful and tragically relatable today as it did 30 years ago


A brave and exciting entry from one of cinema’s darkest auteurs


Gaspar NoƩ learns to control himself (slightly) in his best film to date.



An entertaining, but short, delve into the surreal pop world of Superorganism


Frustratingly dull drama from one of cinema’s greatest imaginations