The Wee Review is dedicated to covering as much of Scottish culture as we can in as much depth as we can. We think we do a good job. We publish over 1,200 reviews a year and have championed artists that do not get covered elsewhere.

We would love to do even more, but right now we can’t.

In common with most publications these days, we have limited income. None of our are writers are paid and any income we do get goes towards essential costs. Yet if we can do 1,200 reviews as a voluntary site, imagine what we could do with a little income?

That’s why, if you have found our reviews useful or if you value an independent site that supports the arts in Scotland, we’d ask you to consider a small donation via ko-fi. Anything you could spare as a one-off or regular contribution would help us work towards our long-term goals. And we’re not expecting our readers to fund us entirely. We seek advertisers and affiliate marketers and are examining other income streams.

We’re transparent about what we would do with any income. Our priorities are, in order:

  • Cover essential site costs (server, domain etc.)
  • Contribution towards the admin work done by editors (answering press releases, scheduling reviews etc)
  • Commission more interviews and features
  • Commission more news articles
  • Cover reviewers’ expenses
  • Pay reviewers per review

Alongside these, we would occasionally like to pay for upgrades on the site or spend a small amount on marketing.