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Interview: Chloe Radcliffe

‘Top to bottom it is dick jokes and dating and me being a feral little animal!’ Chloe Radcliffe tells us about her second Fringe show ‘Proud Raccoon’


Interview: Ralph Brown

‘A guy just walked in… and then pulled out a gun.’ We speak to Ralph Brown about his hair-raising Fringe show, ‘My First Hostage Situation’


Greenside @ Infirmary Street

Palatable Gay Robot

Futuristic comedy makes thought-provoking point about portrayal of gay men on stage

Òran Mór

Forever Home

Heartwarming musical about adoption opens PPP’s autumn season

Pleasance Courtyard

Clown Sex

Clown Sex sometimes leans too heavily on disturbing content to be a winner, but has plenty to offer those with a more twisted sense of humour.