Kevin Ibbotson-Wight

Films & Comedy Editor
Borders-born Edinburgh based worker/ writer/ runner/ sleeper. A good book, a good film, or a good show and I'm a very happy chap.
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A veneer of a tasteful period drama masks a ruthless bait and switch exercise

26 January 2023

When It Melts

Bold direction and incredible child performance in an unfeasibly tough drama

25 January 2023

Infinity Pool

Mia Goth steals the show in a lurid body-horror holiday nightmare

25 January 2023

Talk to Me

Rip-roaring supernatural teen horror expertly handles its no-nonsense thrills

24 January 2023


Stunningly beautiful metaphysical sci-fi fever dream contains unfathomable mysteries and whispers of more to come

24 January 2023

In My Mother's Skin

Frustrating pacing blunts the potency of a strikingly dark and violent fairy tale

24 January 2023