Kevin Ibbotson-Wight

Films & Comedy Editor
Borders-born Edinburgh based worker/ writer/ runner/ sleeper. A good book, a good film, or a good show and I'm a very happy chap.
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Narratively satisfying and visually remarkable fairy tale incorporates ancient Basque legend to mesmerising effect

15 March 2023


Ultra-violent slapstick WWII adventure is as fun as popcorn action gets

14 March 2023

Stone Turtle

Groundhog Day formula applied to an adult fable of cyclical violence

7 March 2023

La Maternal

Clear-eyed and non-judgemental depiction of one girl's experience with teenage motherhood

7 March 2023


Fine folk horror remains ambiguous about its witchy narrative, but is direct in its depiction of generational male violence

6 March 2023

The Astronaut

Charming and benign tale of obsession rediscovers the wonder of space

5 March 2023