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Borders-born Edinburgh based worker/ writer/ runner/ sleeper. A good book, a good film, or a good show and I'm a very happy chap.
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Interview: Andrew Doherty

'I’m trying to both parody that idea, but also in a small way pay tribute to it'. We chat to Andrew Doherty about his folk horror-inspired Fringe show, 'Gay Witch Sex Cult'

19 June 2024

Interview: Lou Taylor

'I’m also hoping not to have a breakdown'. Comedian Lou Taylor talks about her '90s obsession and new Fringe show 'Jeans and a nice top'

18 June 2024

Interview: Lil Wenker

'Everything is hyper exaggerated.' Lil Wenker tells us about her new spaghetti western-themed clown comedy 'Bangtail'

17 June 2024

Interview: Charlotte Anne-Tilley

'There’s water gun, there’s high school musical tunes, and even some special guests'. We speak to Charlotte Anne-Tilley about new play Serious Theatre from Serious People

14 June 2024

Interview: Alfie Packham

'I think the audience deserves a little something'. Alfie Packham tells us about his debut hour, 'My Gift to You'

14 June 2024

Interview: Grace Mulvey

'No matter where you go, there you are.' Comedian Grace Mulvey tells us about her debut Fringe hour, 'Tall Baby'.

14 June 2024

Interview: Michael Kunze

'I’m obsessed with how celebrities talk about themselves'. We chat to Michael Kunze about his character comedy show 'Infinity Mirror'

13 June 2024

Interview: Alex Kitson

'I think the old cliche that comedy equals tragedy plus time is true for me.' We chat to Alex Kitson about his debut Fringe hour 'Must I Paint You a Picture?'

13 June 2024

Interview: Richard Cobb

'I don't want to bother anyone that's having a nice day!' Self-effacing comedian Richard Cobb tells us about his sophomore show 'Running Joke'

12 June 2024

Interview: Mustafa Algiyadi

'Themes of belonging, identity, and a quest for a better passport!' We speak to the Libyan Arab comedian about his debut Fringe show, 'Almost Legal Alien'

10 June 2024