Interview: Alex Kitson

'I think the old cliche that comedy equals tragedy plus time is true for me.' We chat to Alex Kitson about his debut Fringe hour 'Must I Paint You a Picture?'

13 June 2024

Interview: Richard Cobb

'I don't want to bother anyone that's having a nice day!' Self-effacing comedian Richard Cobb tells us about his sophomore show 'Running Joke'

12 June 2024

Interview: Grubby Little Mitts

'We really wanted to push the boat out a bit more on this latest show'. We speak to the sketch duo ahead of their two shows at Glasgow Comedy Festival

21 March 2024

Interview: Sam Lake

'I think the only non-toxic role model we have left is Paul Chuckle?' We chat to Sam Lake about being an 'Aspiring DILF'

22 February 2024

Interview: Luisa Omielan

'Guys, we need to burn it all down.' We spoke to Louisa Omielan just how 'Bitter' she is ahead of her UK tour

13 February 2024

Shrek The Musical

Oozing talent, this family-friendly show is fun for all ages

29 January 2024

Ian Smith

We speak to the Comedy Award nominee ahead of his UK tour

3 January 2024

Esther Manito

'I refuse to have goals as they stress me out'. We spoke to the comedian about her tour show 'Hell Hath No Fury', coming to Edinburgh and Glasgow

13 October 2023

Palatable Gay Robot

Futuristic comedy makes thought-provoking point about portrayal of gay men on stage

22 September 2023

Leith Comedy Festival

Three years later than initially planned, Leith has its own comedy festival

12 September 2023