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Serpentine Korean drama you’ll be delighted to let under your skin

Edinburgh Filmhouse

Uncut Gems

An utter triumph of a character study that never falters in delivering tension and anxiety

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Edinburgh Filmhouse

Queen of Hearts

Compelling portrayal of the righteous turned rotten

Edinburgh Filmhouse

Midnight Traveler

Intimate documentary, framed around the families seeking asylum and their hand-held devices

Edinburgh Filmhouse

Mr. Jones

Journalistic thriller broadly succeeds, despite mistakes


Ironically-titled vampire flick is a lurid, exhausting thrill ride

Edinburgh Filmhouse


Deeply compelling and well-crafted expose of sexual harassment at Fox News is universally relevant



Glossy retelling of true sex scandal and hypocrisy in high places

The Miracle Worker

Arthur Penn’s wearying melodrama evidences Hollywood’s self-righteous depictions of disability


An occasionally compelling if ultimately unsatisfying re-telling of true events.


Debut filmmakers show impressive skills with shoestring budget but over-egg the inanity