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Superbly droll depiction of the purgatory of the asylum process

New Releases

Meatball Machine

Oddly-fascinating body horror, but impressive puppetry cannot distract from tasteless exploitation of abuse

The Bloodhound

Stunning to look at, Patrick Picard’s debut feature is sadly more copy-cat than creepy


Isolation and illness shred a relationship in intelligent moody horror

Mama Weed

Smooth performances which blend dramedy with subtle undertones on the stigmas of middle-age



Quiet and measured film about an ill-fated relationship from a filmmaking master


Intricate take on the industrial profits of addiction divides its narrative too broadly to maintain an identity


A treasure of peculiarity, which concerns itself more with the idea of a journey than the polished article

My Favorite War

Stirring coming-of-age autobiographical documentary both for its subject and for Latvia

The Stylist

Gory and stylish thriller where women are both victims and perpetrator


A slow burn of a film, filled with a sickly creeping dread