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Edinburgh Filmhouse

After the Wedding

Tale of familial strife and philanthropic quandaries fails to hit the emotional notes it seeks

Edinburgh Filmhouse

The King

Wonderfully shot with solid performances, The King fails to be as sharp as intended

Edinburgh Filmhouse


Grimly authentic portrait of a dysfunctional family and its effects on the younger members

Le Brio

A gutsy narrative which falls victim to its own satire

Edinburgh Filmhouse


A well-crafted look at Argentinian society during a crucial point in the nation’s history

Edinburgh Filmhouse

By the Grace of God

Powerful piece surrounding the cover-up of sexual abuse in the Catholic church and those seeking justice



Some good ideas and performances wasted in a bog-standard horror film

Apollo 11

A stunning documentary celebration of one of mankind’s greatest achievements


Clive Barker shows us where the monsters live in dark fantasy

Edinburgh Filmhouse


Werewolf promises a lot but delivers very little


A campy but fun low-rent remake of the 1970s body-horror classic