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Worthy theatre but with a weak and simplistic ending.


Energetic and clever revival which is showing its age.

The Outsider

Aliens, Michael Jackson and bubbles in this piece of Finnish clowning.


This year’s sole interpretation of the Anglo-Saxon epic shows weaknesses.

Hotel Paradiso

Slightly overstaying its welcome Hotel Paradiso is still well worth a visit.

Stalag 17

Billy Wilder’s POW tale still provides great escapism after 62 years.

Hedda Gabler

An imperfect take on Ibsen’s most fascinating anti-heroine.

The Comedy of Terrors

Few scares or belly laughs, but a great cast and brilliant performance from Vincent Price make this horror comedy worth a watch.

The Thief of Bagdad

Flying carpets and a cast of thousands lead this exotic fantasy from the golden age of silent Hollywood.