Bloody Elle

Heart-warming girl-meets-girl solo musical told through an engaging original score

7 August 2022

Doctor Faustus

Devilishly elegant update of a classic cautionary tale

8 August 2022

Head Girl

Vaulting ambition meets Derry Girls

8 August 2022

Ram of God

Invitation to an absurdist sheep-themed religious cult brings mixed results

8 August 2022

Death of a Disco Dancer

A uni reunion unravels in a sometimes muddled piece of immersive physical theatre

8 August 2022


Retro instruments deconstructed and repurposed for a pleasingly kitsch show

8 August 2022

Opal Fruits

Cross-generational struggle on a London council estate told through puckish humour and UK Garage

8 August 2022


Rollercoaster rendition of Burns' life that never quite catches fire

8 August 2022

The Twenty-Sided Tavern

Interactive tabletop Role Playing Game experience with adventure, laughs and magic

8 August 2022