Escaped Alone

Caryl Churchill's captivating play sees two representations of catastrophe collide

26 February 2024


Sexually frank two-hander explores subtle questions of consent, connection and control

22 September 2023

The Courteous Enemy

Absurdist recreation of famous artistic spat successfully melds high-concept and low-brow

22 September 2023

Forever Home

Heartwarming musical about adoption opens PPP's autumn season

13 September 2023

Walking Home

An introspective play tackling a serious and prevalent issue, with an unfortunate snag in its execution

5 September 2023

Afrique en Cirque

Afrique en Cirque is an unforgettable circus event featuring some stupendous stunt work and a rhythmic, jazz-infused soundtrack.

2 September 2023


Sweet comedic play meanders at times but works for its audience

28 August 2023


A haunting exploration of memory, and the power it holds over our senses

28 August 2023