Sunset Song

A poignant, unflinching, and remarkable adaptation of Grassic Gibbon’s classic novel

21 April 2024

Afrique en Cirque

Afrique en Cirque is an unforgettable circus event featuring some stupendous stunt work and a rhythmic, jazz-infused soundtrack.

2 September 2023


Sweet comedic play meanders at times but works for its audience

28 August 2023


A haunting exploration of memory, and the power it holds over our senses

28 August 2023

God Catcher

Thrilling musical reinterpretation of Greek mythology captures the value of standing up for the truth

27 August 2023

Dr Bonk's Macarbaret

The show might be a mixed bag of treats, but Dr Bonk is still able to fit you on his waiting list in yet another showcase of his absurdist entertainment.

27 August 2023

Life is a Dream

Captivating epic tale bolstered by impressive performances

26 August 2023

Gone To The Dogs

Avant-garde retelling of British history raises big issues but overpowers the detail

25 August 2023