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Emily Christie

Emily works in publishing and is a lover of existential horror, vintage prairie dresses and buying ice cream at the theatre.

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King's Theatre


A mesmerising retelling of Sophocles’ tragedy, overflowing with sublime performances

Pleasance Dome

Happy Hour

A confronting, jarring and excellent piece of theatre, staggeringly well performed

Gilded Balloon Teviot


Edinburgh University Footlights deliver rock musical with emotion and charisma

Kelvingrove Bandstand

Patti Smith and Band

Intimate and energised punk folk brilliance from classic American singer-songwriter

Edinburgh Playhouse

Matilda The Musical

A quirky musical with phenomenal performances, which is let down by its convoluted plot.

King's Theatre


A fascinating concept enacted and brought to life with a sense of real wonder

Underbelly Circus Hub

Little Death Club

Stunning collection of talented circus acts, musicians and comedians laced with biting wit and joyful sexuality.

Pleasance Courtyard


An example of great story-telling and how energy can bring an unconventional narrative to life.

Pleasance Courtyard


A fascinating and emotional ride through one person’s experience, offering a fully realised portrayal of OCD.

Ewan, Martin and Eleanor Landscape _ credit Tommy Ga-Ken Wan (1)
Dundee Rep

Passing Places

Road movie for the stage is a phenomenal, heart-felt comedy adventure.

Perth Theatre

Richard III

Perth Theatre’s latest production offers a unique and captivating take on Shakespeare’s historical tale of villainy.

Dundee Rep

Spring Awakening

In their first collaboration with Dundee Rep, the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland offers a beautifully-staged exploration of teenage angst.

Dundee Rep


Explosive performances in Dundee Rep’s version of classic dark comedy thriller.