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Graeme Strachan


Graeme Strachan is a writer, editor, and journalist based in Edinburgh. He has been a critic and reviewer for over 15 years in areas including theatre, video games and restaurant critique; and likes to dabbles in film and television production. He lives in hope for the day where he finds a more profitable use for his Classical Studies degree than obscure questions in a pub quiz.

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Good ideas and worthy ideals, let down slightly by messy execution


Simple, sordid tale of vengeance, told with a zesty, lurid camp


A parable about conviction and peaceful protest standing up against corruption


A slow burn of a film, filled with a sickly creeping dread

The Ascent

A desolate and unforgiving passion play rendered through the storms of a Soviet winter


A soulful and realistic, if broadly unsatisfying, portrayal of 1990s Spanish adolescence


Cult classic looks dated but remains a landmark of lo-fi excess