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Nicola Macdonald

Nicola is an English literature and theatre studies graduate based in London. In addition to carrying out occasional proofreading and editing work she is currently writing a non-fiction book about shipwrecks in the South Pacific. She loves theatre and film, especially new and challenging work.

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Queens of Syria

Yasmin Fedda’s powerful new documentary follows a group of Syrian women living in Jordan, displaced by the conflict in in their home country.

The Wonders

An exceptional coming-of-age tale set in the Italian countryside. Whimsical, humorous, atmospheric and heart-warming in equal measure.

The Reunion

A deeply personal exploration of accountability and the influence of the past on the present, pulling no punches in uprooting the unspoken rules which dictate our lives.

Waiting for Godot

Sydney Theatre Company bring Beckett to the Barbican in a production that emphasises the comedic aspects of the play.

Shooting for Socrates

The David and Goliath story of the Northern Ireland football team’s trip to the 1986 World Cup, and what it meant to the people back home.

The Goob

A talented cast, exhilarating soundtrack and inspired setting make this coming-of-age story an intriguing watch.


A Holocaust survivor becomes her own imposter in this German-language exploration of denial, forgiveness and the pursuit of happiness.

Jersey Boys

The story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons is a slick and energetic show with an extremely talented cast.