Note: This review is from the 2017 Fringe

Complete The Circuit is our series of interviews with regulars on the Scottish comedy circuit. Each comedian answers our questions then nominates someone else to answer them next, until, having asked everyone who’s anyone we get back to the beginning. Next up, suggested by Rosco McClelland is Donald Alexander..

Who are you, what are you and how are you feeling? 

I’m Donald Alexander, Best Newcomer 2017 at the Scottish Comedy Awards. I feel quite lethargic at the moment.

When did you first think “I’m a comedian”?

I like making people laugh but I don’t think I’ve ever thought “I’m a comedian”. That seems a weird phrase to me.

When did anyone else first think you were a comedian?

Only when I’m performing comedy does that assertion from people occur. At that point, it is a fair claim to make.

How do you like to work?

I write down a lot of thoughts and ideas but most of them don’t become jokes. I don’t really write jokes either, people laugh though but I’m not really sure what at.

Someone nicks your joke. What do you do?

I’d be frustrated. I would probably try and contact the thief or publicly shame them.

What do you like most about the Scottish comedy circuit?

It’s very supportive to new acts and I’ve been made to feel very welcome.

What do you like least about the Scottish comedy circuit?

I can’t think of anything, I feel happy to be in Scotland.

The Fringe – Heaven or Hell and why?

The Fringe generally is heaven. It’s great to get a lot of stage time and improve as an act. However, there is hell to be seen anywhere if you seek it out.

What would you ban from comedy?  

I’d ban shite gigs.

In the kingdom of comedy, who’s the ruler, and what’s your role in the court?

The ruler is Billy Connolly. I’m the apprentice tea boy on a zero hour contact.

Give us a (Scottish-based) comedian we should talk to next?

I do a double hander with Stuart McPherson, talk to him.

Donald Alexander & Stuart McPherson are @ Nightcap, Edinburgh, until Sun 27 Aug 2017