@ Glasgow Garage, on Sat 21 Mar 2015 and
@ Assembly Roxy – Upstairs, Edinburgh, on Sun 22 Mar 2015

Hair, hangovers and hilarity. Seann Walsh doesn’t do anything by halves.  In his new stand-up show, 28, the award winning Brighton comedian returns to Edinburgh to the Assembly Roxy on March 22, following a turn at the Glasgow International Comedy Festival the night before. With all of the charm and charisma of a drunk beauty queen, Walsh’s 2013 The Lie In King was well-received by reviewers and sell-out crowds during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.  After starting his career performing in pubs, he has received and been nominated for several awards including Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year 2009 and Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Award 2013. Now a bit older and slightly more sophisticated, the hangovers have intensified along with the laughs…

You seem to have made a lot of life progress between The Lie In King and 28, going from living alone to moving in with your girlfriend. What led to that change and how are you coping?

She’s trained me well. I am now capable of doing things such as shutting cupboard doors. I think that tells you how far I’ve come.

How is this show different than previous shows? Has getting older changed your style at all?

Well, I’ve managed to get talking about booze down from an hour to about 5 minutes, which tells me my life is heading in a better direction.

You’ve performed in Edinburgh a few times. What do you like about performing here? What’s your favourite city to perform in?

I’m just looking forward to being in Edinburgh when the festival isn’t on. It’s much more beautiful when you’re not being attacked by flyerers. To be honest, my favourite place to gig is my hometown of Brighton as that’s where it all started but for the sake of selling tickets, ignore that. Edinburgh. [And Glasgowed.]

The title 28 is a bit similar in style to Taylor Swift’s new album title “1989”. You also both have flowing blonde manes. In what ways do you consider yourself to be the Taylor Swift of British stand-up?

It’s actually based on the Adele album 21. That’s why the poster is the way it is. If you think I know anything else about Taylor Swift other than who she is, you are insane.

What’s the best/worst parts about being 28?

I am extremely relieved that I have just missed being part of a generation where it is completely normal to take selfies of yourself every second of your life. I sit on tubes witnessing teenagers sitting alone taking pictures of themselves. I have about 4 pictures of myself as a teenager and I like it that way. I can pretend I didn’t dress the way I did. There were dungarees involved. The worst: the hangovers.

What do you love about your job? What drew you to comedy? Did you always want to be a comedian when you grew up?

I love the late starts. I would say Jim Carrey movies drew me to comedy and yes, I’ve wanted to be a comedian as far back as I can remember although there was a bit where I wanted to be an actor so I could play Robin Hood.

You mention in past shows and interviews that you enjoy a good night out with a few adult beverages. If you could only have one final night out, where would you be and what would you be drinking? Who would be there with you?

I’d go back in time, if that’s allowed, to a pub I used to work in called The Roundhill. It’d just be me and my friends from home drinking everything. Like, fucking everything.

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