Guitarist and singer RM Hubbert has appealed to fans to help him as he recovers from a mental health crisis, by buying his new EP.

The Glaswegian performer, who has never shied away from discussing his struggles (see this The Wee Review review from 2015), revealed on his Facebook page that he is facing financial difficulties after mental ill health left him unable to work for nearly a year.

“Basically, I haven’t been coping well,” says Hubbert in his post. “My mental health deteriorated dramatically during last year after [latest album] Telling the Trees came out, reaching breaking point this January.”

“My savings are gone,” he continues, “and I’m whilst I’m getting better, I’m not emotionally stable enough to return to a normal job. I’m slowly returning to music full time but in the meantime, I need to ask you for a little help.”

That help is to buy his new EP of covers, Recovery EP1, which includes songs by Sebadoh and Sparklehorse.

Hubbert has been a fixture on Scotland’s alternative music scene for many years, and has collaborated with other leading lights including Aidan Moffat, Emma Pollock and Alex Kapranos. His 2013 album Thirteen Lost and Found won the 2013 SAY Award.

All at The Wee Review wish him well.

Hubbert’s original post can be read here