Traditional Mexican fare is something that has been on the increase throughout Scotland for the last few years now though it can’t exactly be described as typical to these shores, let alone the folk music of the country. Luckily, though unlikely, a bunch of punk rockers from Southern California, naming their band on a borough of New York City, will be bringing the mariachi sound to these dreary shores.

Mariachi EL Bronx will be playing Edinburgh’s Electric Circus this Sunday (20th November), fresh from releasing their sophomore album titled… well… ‘Mariachi El Bronx’.

Bursting with energy, ‘Mariachi El Bronx’ finds the band more comfortable with this style of music making the songwriting and delivery far more confident since the release of their debut album ‘El Bronx’.

Now a concurrent band to their (formerly) full time group ‘The Bronx’ best known for the mix of punk, hardcore and alternative rock, the mariachi side of things seem to be taking up more and more of their time. This is no cutesy affair though, the band take this music as seriously as they did with punk rock in ‘The Bronx’.

Since the release of ‘El Bronx’ the bands profile has steadily increased their especially in the UK, where originally they played to a half full Oran Mor in Glasgow to the packed out Glasgow Garage double bill show with… themselves (Mariachi EL Bronx and the Bronx).

Mariachi EL Bronx seem to now find themselves in a position where what was once a labour of love has now seen them eclipse their punk rock roots.

Since our cousins in the West of Scotland tend to get the pick of shows it would be a real shame to miss out on a great show taking place on our door step which means we can you use the train fair for beer. If you are thinking about venturing from further afield, c’mon it’s right next to the train station for feck sake

Tickets £12 | Doors 1900