As the onslaught of public holidays and rip off Wedding ventures sweeps into Scotland, we’re pleased to reassure you things are as they were on the sweet gig front this week.

We’re all in agreement that the surprisingly lengthy period of sunshine is reward for the depressing period of snow hassle we endured six months ago. During that time, The Wee Review was kept warm with the debut LP from Best Coast, ‘Crazy For You’, released late last July.

Spearheaded by ex-drone rock vocalist Bethany Cosentino, the surf pop sound and easy-peasy rhyming may cloud the band in presumptuous sunshine glamour – but hides sinister riffs and even darker lyrics (“If only I could get her out of the picture / Then he would know how much I want him / One day I’ll make him mine / And we’ll be together all the time”).

The timing of their first UK tour since a supportive appearance in The Captain’s Rest last May will mark the middle of the party week, at The Arches, with the venue already upgrading the gig to ‘the big arch’ – so no excuses for snagging a ticket.
As ever when at tour rolls in at The Arches, superb support follows, on Wednesday with form of Leeds’ The Spectrals. Less a band, more a sunshine pop front for Louis Jones – he’s emerged as one of the few clear cut tips from Yorkshire for some time. His crisp, almost limey-Mediterranean take on indie pop will undoubtedly sit well with the LA antics of Best Coast that follow.

Tickets £12.50! (Over 14s Gig!)

Kicking off a Royal shindig of a week will be Metronomy Monday – in Cabaret Voltaire. Hot off releasing their third, scintillating LP, ‘The English Riviera’, a resounding leap from their initially ahead of the game fusion of bedroom electro antics and indie rock.

It also follows the twisting dance-floor smarts of sophomore effort ‘Nights out’. The blossom has continued to the calypso vibes of ‘The English Riviera’, seeing the guys undo their polo shirt top buttons enough to leave some refreshing breathing space between the electronics and the songwriting (‘Trouble’ offering the most quintessential indie waltz you’ll hear all year). All the while, still cranking in some knee knocking favourites in the shape of ‘Corinne’ and ‘The Bay’.

After ticking off some enthralling shows at King Tuts over the last few years, most recently a sold-out-outing in January, the Cab Vol is likely to follow ticket selling suit – get your gums round some stubs while you can. These guys have been so ahead of the electro trend, they put the flash out before it got near their pan.

Tickets £10!