We’ve all been there at some point after a few light beverages: Dancing in a club, minding your own business and then out blares Run DMC vs. Jam Master Jay… and it’s all downhill from there as you try to take on the world with your funky moves and generally fail miserably when it turns out the bloke in the corner can spin on his head. This is probably because the hip hop dance genre has surprisingly taken over in recent years with R&B and Hip Hop music moving more into the mainstream with thanks to such joyful films as Step Up.

Charlie Chaplin of Hip Hop

This May the Breakin’ Convention hits the Festival Theatre in Edinburgh as b boys, b girls, poppers and lockers from both locally and around the world demonstrate their skills. Headlining the show are Myosung from Korea, with their politically active and humorously executed performance, as well as French Salah, renowned as the “Charlie Chaplin of Hip Hop.” If that wasn’t enough Ken Swift brings his crew, VII Gems Rock Dance Division, from the USA to perform in Britain for the first time.

The event looks to be truly spectacular for anyone actively involved in the hip hop scene

Or those wishing to experience it for the first time. The whole festival theatre will be transformed as even the foyer hosts breaking workshops, MCs and graffiti artists. So whether you want to come and cheer on the local acts, experience something new or pick up some tips for the next time you accidentally end up in a dance off, the Festival Theatre is the place to be on the 18th and 19th May. Just think twice before you utter the words “lets get it crunk yo”… it’s not big and it’s not clever. (Jennifer Gould)


Mon 18 May & Tue 19 May @ the Festival Theatre Edinburgh.