Nicola Kuperus and Adam Lee Miller are ADULT, a couple who also make music together and have weathered many storms, record labels and the highly dubious electroclash fad that lasted as long as a knee trembler outside a hipster pub in Shoreditch circa 2003.

I, Obedient sets the tone of the album- a punishing, circuit board orgy of glitches, sweat and various fluids. They may not be doing anything staggeringly original here, but they do craft it rather well. It’s all treated vocals, whipcrack synths and wipe clean surfaces here.

The irresistible I Am Nothing has skittering drum patterns and itchy synths, and is a catchy enough slice of tech nihilism. She’s Nice Looking feels like being stuck in a David Lynch club until slightly unhinged. And Normative Sludge is by far the best track here, like a more self- conscious Warm Leatherette for Instagram club kids.

These studied little thrusts of BDSM electronic music are quite nice in moderation, but by the end, you’re longing for a safe word, a cup of tea and some cream to stop the chafing.