From the very beginning Ashley Storrie is making us laugh. Proclaiming she doesn’t want to pay for intermission music she chit chats with the audience instead, making fun of one guest who looks like Draco Malfoy. It’s “bants” like this that dominate the first part of the routine and has the audience in stitches.

Predictably there’s some Scottish jokes and quips from where others in the crowd hail from. It’s not an unknown routine to comedians, still, she does it with funny witty one-liners which are as hilarious as they are true. Her confidence and comfortableness at being on stage is clear and the audience feels at ease with her.

Storrie claims she hasn’t had a sad life, and yet her routine does anything to convince us otherwise. It’s a clever hook as she leaves the audience feeling both sorry for her but glad it hasn’t happened to them. As she told Broadway World last month, “Morning Glory is me just presenting that to an audience in a way that will probably make them feel better about themselves… comparatively”. Her parents – of which her mum is famous Glaswegian comedian – dominate her stories which she delivers with perfect timing. And her witticisms about sex are both cringy and unique in their take – whoever heard of back-to-fronty sex?

Storrie’s repetitive wordplay only add to her comedy. There were just as many laughs for how often she said “tin” during a tale as there was for the punch line.

Morning Glory also has a cracking finale as Storrie reads aloud a somewhat disgusting political porno she wrote for this piece. It’s a wonderfully funny hour and for a free show is definitely one to brave the queues for.