Autogramm could be described as a Vancouver punk trio with connections to skateboarding but that would be doing their music a disservice. Autogramm are more than just an attitude. They are a trip to the skatepark accompanied by a playlist of Gary Numan, The Go Go’s and Devo. They are unashamedly singalong fun.

No Rules, their second album, carries forward the Autogramm sound. Synth driven, they create some serious power pop tracks. CC Voltage’s basslines are thick and fuzzy. They’re worthy of some great headphones or the kind of sound system you would make the centrepiece of your living room. Meanwhile the guitar and synths are catchy and lip biting.

On top of everything is the lyrics. On one hand the vocals are genuinely impressive but they’re also the kind you’ll rarely hear. Every single track has the Autogramm singalong quality that actively encourages getting up and joining in. One can only imagine the atmosphere at an Autogramm gig. That’s not to say the lyrics are nothing more than catchy rhymes to singalong to, tracks like Fuck Fast Fashion and Future Primate show that they have something to say.

Each member’s appearance in other bands speaks less to their punk nature and more to the overtly fun nature that shines throughout No Rules. This album isn’t a middle finger to those that tell you what to do, it’s more of an open hug to those that don’t. No Rules is one of the friendliest punk albums of recent years. While their influences are unmistakably tattooed up their sleeves, Autogramm have brought those inspirations together in a way that encourages partying.

As the sun is starting to come out and optimism builds towards the summer, an album like No Rules can’t go amiss. While short, the album makes up for that in replay ability. An almost instant mood lifter, No Rules is fantastic synth power pop fun.