Note: This review is from the 2017 Fringe

Colin Cloud is becoming a household name. Having been a regular fixture at the Edinburgh Fringe for a number of years he is now selling out the Pleasance Grand night after night. For those who have witnessed his incredible talents over the years this will come as no surprise and word of his Sherlock Holmes-esque deduction skills and mind-reading is spreading. Earlier this year he made it through to the finals of America’s Got Talent and will leave as soon as the Fringe is over to take up his place in the live finals. With appearances on ITV’s This Morning and Michael McIntyre’s Saturday night show he has cemented himself as a star attraction in Edinburgh this summer.

And fans of the star can expect to see a whole new level of show from previous years. Cloud has plied his trade in America of late and has learnt much from this experience. Dare, his latest show, is slick, professional and worth every penny of the ticket price. Clever lighting, silent tension and jaw-dropping mind tricks combine to create an hour which will leave audiences wanting more and unsure at what they have just witnessed.

One of the things which sets this show apart from others at the Fringe is that Cloud has thought so keenly about how each component links to the next, providing a continuous flow and meaning to each and every segment. There are audible intakes of breath that reverberate around the hall as he correctly identifies star signs, phone codes and random words plucked from people’s heads. Cloud also happens to be funny and balances mind-trickery with a humour and charisma which again sets him apart from similar acts.

It is entertaining from beginning to end and even the most skeptical cannot help but be impressed by what is presented to them. With Dare, Colin Cloud has created a show which will no doubt be considered one of the best at this year’s Fringe. Flawless.