Eleanor Morton has previously been described as ‘the poster girl for awkward’ and during her new Edinburgh hour Post-Morton it’s not just the comedian who seems awkward, but the audience too as they struggle to find enough laughs.

Scottish comedian Morton has a deadpan approach and what can only be described as a gentle humour that may be suited to a midday crowd at The Stand but her jokes about millennials have been done before, and better. The ‘millennials are ruining the world’ schtick may work with a bit more bite but the audience are largely middle aged and don’t seem to share any of the cultural touchstones as the twenty-something stand-up.

There’s a thread running through the set about Morton attempting to get her sister to Disneyland to cure her depression which doesn’t really come to a satisfying conclusion and feels forced to give the show more narrative. There’s nothing wrong with a show packed full of jokes with no discernible ‘message’ and too often comedians try to shoehorn in a story to keep the audience interested.

Morton’s friends are settling down, getting married and having kids so the stand-up gets to poke fun at the friendship rituals that go along with marriage. The ridiculous nature of hen parties is exploited to comic effect but the patter rarely raises more than a mild titter. The jokes are easily forgettable and not the kind of fodder you’ll be quoting for days afterwards.

Morton doesn’t appear to be comfortable on stage and looks relieved when the hour comes to an end. Escape rooms are also up for discussion and towards the end of the hour it feels like the audience are ready to escape the warm room.