Note: This review is from the 2019 Fringe

A show’s name can tell the audience a lot about its content. Some are humorous puns, some are extremely literal, and some tell the viewer exactly what to expect in a word or two. A title is extremely important, especially at the Fringe – with thousands of shows competing against one another to sell tickets, in a time where there is such an overabundance of shows, a memorable title goes a long way. Lord of the Game of the Ring of Thrones (try saying that three times fast) is just that…for all the wrong reasons.

The title is a mesh of two famous fantasy franchises (Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones, in case anyone needed to be told). You’d be forgiven for drawing the conclusion that the show is a parody of the two, but you’d be wrong. The show is a parody of the same genre… and that is about as far as the connection goes. The title seems more like a cheap way to sell tickets than an actual product of the show.

As for the show itself, it serves as a completely improvisational fantasy tale, taking place in an imaginary world created through audience participation. The production is simplistic, comprising a bare stage bar, some stools and curtains, while the soundtrack is made up of a sole pianist and the costumes are far from elaborate. Such a minimalist approach allows the performers to go as crazy as they please, and boy do they go crazy. So many storylines and characters are being created on the spot that the actors regularly forget what is going on, which allows for great moments of hilarity.

The show itself seems to be an excuse for the performers to work on their improv skills, which are certainly impressive in a comedic sense, rather than a storytelling one. It is this ability to make people laugh (including each other) that allows them to win the crowd over in the end, creating an insanely entertaining show. There is no debating the imperfections that plague the show, but if you are looking for an hour of mindless humour then this is the show for you.