Lovers Turn to Monsters is the alter ego of Glasgow based musician Kyle Wood. In celebration of his 30th birthday, he is re-releasing his Skeletor EP on vinyl, 30 copies, in fact. Originally released five years ago, the Skeletor EP has become a fan favourite for followers of Lovers Turn to Monsters’ music.

A collection of three tracks, the Skeletor EP is described as emo-folk by the man himself. It’s a dark and somewhat humorous look at life, and each track is distinct while maintaining the folk feel and emotional lyrics.

First up is Big Fish which perfectly sets the tone for the EP. A rather bleak song, its folk style works well with witty lyrics and the track’s emotional aspect manages to wiggle its way in comfortably. Lovers Turn to Monsters is a master of dark humour and in this track especially, listeners won’t know to laugh or cry.

Brando then focuses on love and being true to oneself. It’s clear by this point that Lovers Turn to Monsters doesn’t shy away from deep themes. The “I’ll never be your…” refrain in the track highlights Wood’s feelings about being someone you’re not in the pursuit of love. Here, Wood dials back on the humour but ramps up the emotions.

Finishing the EP is the title track, a beautiful song that really emphasises Wood’s voice. A bit of an ode to emo music, the track reflects on the hollowness of depression. But the track does this while keeping the subtle optimism of the other tracks, bringing the EP together.

As a re-release this is perfect for fans who have always wanted a vinyl copy but also serves to introduce Lovers Turn to Monsters to those who haven’t heard him before.