Dating apps and social media allow greater connectivity and give people more opportunities to interact. It is these opportunities that are explored in One Life Stand the new play by Eve Nicol. The performance is a three hander where music and drama are utilised to tell a story of love and technology.

Kit (Edward Cole) is a delivery driver and is in a long term relationship with Kat (Tanya Loretta Dee). She works for a digital media company and is looking to rise up the ranks in her job. Both are busy in their careers and no longer make the time for each other. They mostly communicate via their devices and the distance between the pair is obvious. Momo (Anna Mitchelson) on the other hand is a young sex positive girl, who appears to be free of shame and guilt. One night she meets Kit and Kat. The space between the younger Momo and the older couple is also very obvious. Momo is immersed in digital media and has her own brand. Meanwhile porn addiction, constant selfies and endless cat gifs have shown the negative side of social media for Kit and Kat. Everyone on the stage seems to be on a different page.

One Life Stand is performed at the Roundabout in Summerhall. The stage is circular and the audience is sat around the perimeter. This staging allows the performers to walk around and gaze at each other across the space. Here we see the distance between the characters and witness how they connect with each other via devices, whilst being physically separated.

On the stage is a bicycle. On occasion Kit jumps up onto the bike and shows his commitment to his work and instills a frantic energy to the performance as he cycles. At times the performers step on pedals which are on the floor of the performance space. This triggers musical sequences and sound effects. The music is composed and performed by James Frewer along with Glasgow band Honeyblood. The musical style is electro pop and works well with the themes of digital media and communication and also expresses the distinctive pop edge that Honeyblood have in their music. The character of Momo has a strong voice and it is the combination of drama and music, along with the vibrant performances from the cast, that make One Life Stand an enjoyable and interesting love story.