Note: This review is from the 2017 Fringe

Recirquel Company Budapest bring Paris of the 1930s to Edinburgh in their show Paris de Nuit. Inspired by the images of Hungarian photographer Brassaï, this is a sleek and sexy show that’s sure to satisfy all of your cabaret desires.

A cast of aerialists, acrobats, tightwire walkers and jugglers are joined by a live band who provide the jazz that links the acts together. Throughout the show the audience is treated to a multitude of impressive acts and breathtaking feats including splits on the tightwire, complex ring juggling, beautiful doubles work and fast-paced acrobatics.

The multi-talented singer of the band also proves to be a skilled hand to hand acrobat, holding a note whilst balancing upside down on the hands of another cast member in the opening number. This kind of spectacle sets the tone for the show as we meet a variety of characters who all tease, taunt and delight the audience; even taking their antics onto the tables around which some of the audience are seated.

Richárd Herczeg has the first solo on rope, showing off some impressive skills and strength. It’s a cheeky number that sees Richárd stripped down to his boxer shorts and braces, climbing the rope with only the strength in his arms and throwing himself around to land on the “bed” placed below.

Renátó Illés provides one of the most technically impressive and quietly moving performances of the night in a beautiful doubles trapeze routine that has him performing in a towering set of high heels. A live cover of What Makes A Man A Man is the perfect accompaniment to the piece.

An act around a broken light bulb is a nice bit of comic relief and shows a clever inventiveness with a piece of custom aerial kit. A “light fitting” swings back and forth, beautifully illuminating the performer before flickering out. What ensues is a battle to restore the light and a nice aerial duet on this unusual piece of equipment.

The cast of Recirquel Company Budapest come together to create an exciting show with just the right amount of raunch.